Digital advertising is a necessity in today’s marketplace. Many buyers won’t even consider your company if you do not have an online presence. Regarding digital spaces, Google has undoubtedly made a name for itself, which is valid for its advertisement options. However, when the Kip & King Marketing sales team reaches out to prospective clients about their digital presence, one of the most common questions is, “But do Google Ads even work?” Today, we’ll dive deeper into this question and look at some more detailed points.

In short, Google Ads do work, and they can work for any business: small, medium, or large. This may seem strange since most ad spaces naturally favor larger companies due to their larger advertising budgets, but Google runs its ads a little differently. Google uses a scoring system to determine which ads are placed the highest. Of course, the ad budget does play into this, but it is only one of three deciding factors. Your quality score, based on your Google and digital presence as a whole, and your ad rank, the quality of the ad you publish, also affect your overall scoring. This system allows smaller businesses to get similar viewings as large companies as long as they maintain a quality presence and quality advertisements.

One of the biggest obstacles in marketing is finding your consumer at the right point in their buying journey and tailoring their experience with your brand to optimize your company for what they are looking for at that moment. Thankfully, if someone searches for something on Google, it likely means they are already primed and ready to make a purchase decision. Additionally, Google Ads allows you to maximize your spending to yield the best ROI by setting geographical and interest limitations. This way, someone in a different state won’t see your ad and cost you money, but someone in the proper city looking for another product type won’t do the same.

Speaking of ROI, according to Google, it’s estimated that every dollar a business spends on an ad will generate eight dollars in profits. Not to mention this 800% ROI is considered a conservative estimate. Below are some equally impressive statistics regarding the significance of Google Ads.

Google has 3.5 billion daily users, over 1.2 trillion search queries annually, and over 40,000 searches per second.
The Average Conversion Rate on Google Ads is 4.40%.
61.9% of Google Ads clicks come from mobile devices.
60% of smartphone users have contacted a business through a search.
4 in 5 consumers want ads customized to their location
63% of people say they’d click on a Google ad – compared to 15% for an Amazon ad, 9% for YouTube, and 6% for Bing

Now all of these wonderful things come with a caveat. They apply to effective and optimized Google Ads. Like any other digital marketing platform, Google will not work in your best interest if you throw whatever you can out there and hope something works. This is where the experienced team at Kip & King Marketing comes in. We are here to ensure your ads are optimized to reach their fullest potential and bring the highest ROI to your business. Contact the Kip & King Marketing team today to learn more about this remarkable tactic.