We started working with T-Coon’s in May of 2016. Since then, we have grown T-Coon’s followers by 4,000. We create daily content for T-Coon’s Facebook that maintains an average reach of 16,000 people and an average engagement of more than 2,500 people per month. T-Coon’s has an average impression of nearly 40,000 per month. We also create and manage weekly giveaways for T-Coon’s. Along with content development, Kip and King Marketing also responds to all interactions daily.

About T-Coon’s:

T-Coon’s was our second social media client. Owned and operated by David Billeaud, a sixth-generation Billeaud from Broussard. David takes pride in zydeco cooking, along with an extensive Keto menu. David refers to his food as zydeco, a mix of Creole and Cajun influences, that are exclusive to this area of South Louisiana. David has been in business since 1993. He catches, cleans, and cooks his own fish for the Restaurant every day. He also has developed his own seasoning mix.