Your logo is the centerpiece of all your company’s branding and should be created with the utmost creativity. Logos are often on almost every piece of branded material, from t-shirts to letterheads to social media posts. Creating such an important piece of your brand can be intimidating, so Kip & King marketing created a list of things to remember when creating your ideal logo.

Keep it simple.
Making a logo too flashy or busy can make your branding overstimulating. Simple logos that are easy to see and understand the connection to your business are best. Also, keep in mind that keeping your logo down to two, maybe three colors will save you money in the long run. Embroidery for shirts, hats, or other merchandise, may get expensive if your logo is too complicated or has too many colors. The same goes for printing signs, flyers, or stationary that includes your logo. The more colors and elements you have in your logo, the harder it is to keep it cost-effective.

Make sure it is unique.
There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other logos you’ve seen. In fact, it can be extremely helpful to our graphic designers if you come in with a couple of inspiration pictures that can be used as a visual for what you’re looking for. However, you don’t want your logo to look just like someone else’s. As we’ve already mentioned, your logo is the cornerstone of all of your branding. Ideally, someone should know your company based just off of the logo; think Nike or Facebook. If your logo is too similar to someone else, you may cause confusion on what your company actually is. Your business is unique, and your logo needs to be as well.

Create something that is timeless.
Not only are rebrands time-consuming and expensive, but if your branding has been around for a while, a rebrand may confuse your consumers. When you’re creating a logo, make sure that it is something that will still represent your business well decades later. Sometimes slight rebrands are necessary, and changing your branding colors or slight other adjustments are okay every now and then, but your logo should never have to completely change. Along these lines, ensure you’re not hopping on any trends when creating a logo. Trends come and go, but your logo must be a constant for your business.

Kip & King Marketing has designed many logos for our clients, and it is something that our team loves to collaborate on. If your company is looking to update your logo or create a new one, contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!