Samsung has unveiled its new Sero TV that connects to your phone. This 4K QLED TV automatically matches the orientation of your phone and projects onto the TV. For anyone who spends time on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, or any other Social Media platform, this TV could be a game-changer.

The TV could spark a shift in the way all of us watch TV. With new shows constantly developing on YouTube and Facebook, we could see many Social Media users cut the cable cord and the streaming services in favor of free content across platforms.

What does this mean for the future of Social Media?

With Technology experts meeting the demand for high-quality phone syncing, we could see a surge in Social Media marketing. The TV would allow users to stream directly from their phones, allowing them to scroll through Facebook, watch Instagram TV on a big screen, and binge YouTube videos all day long.

The development of the Sero TV underscores the significance of Social Media and its flourishing userbase.