It’s no secret that the workforce is a complex and sometimes scary entity to both employees looking for work and employers looking for employees. We have all seen the signs businesses put out warning customers that they are short-staffed because “no one wants to work,” We’ve seen Joey Holz from Florida, who submitted 60 job applications with hand-tailored resumes only to receive a single interview. There has always been some anxiety for fresh-out-of-college graduates trying to secure their first job or internship. Still, it seems as though the pandemic and ensuing “labor shortage” has only increased those feelings of anxiety for many. Here are a few tips on the best ways to market yourself for your dream job.

Brand Yourself
Truly market every aspect of your professional life. Make sure your resume has no more than three professional fonts and effectively explains your experience related to your desired position. Use these fonts on all communications, including your portfolio. Make your emails and conversations with the business memorable and true to your personality. Everything from the colors you wear to the interview to how you present yourself will play into your personal brand and how well the company remembers (or forgets) you.

Hand-Tailor Your Resume
Hiring managers see dozens to hundreds of resumes for each job. Make your stand out with light colors and hand-tailor it for each job position you apply for. It may be time-consuming, but it will speak volumes about your dedication if your resume highlights why you are qualified for a specific job instead of all of your experience thrown on a piece of paper. Along these same lines, make sure your resume is concise. If a hiring manager has to read 20 resumes a day, the to-the-point resume yet well-explained resume will gain favor.

Don’t Get Discouraged
A fulfilling job should be mutually beneficial for the employee and employer. Hearing “no” repeatedly will make you feel a bit defeated, but it just means the job wasn’t meant for your skillset. After all, if the employer doesn’t see your value, you probably don’t want to work for them anyway. So trust in your education that you will find the right fit when the time is right.

Job searching can be a humbling experience for even the most qualified professionals. Marketing yourself can be a valuable asset to appealing for the job you want. To all the recent graduates, congratulations from the Kip & King Marketing team!