June 30th is nationally recognized as Social Media Day, so the Kip & King Marketing team wanted to touch on how social media has become such a necessity in the business realm. In recent years, influencers have made social media look glamorous and easy, but many businesses have found that it’s not as simple as it appears. Between algorithms, insights, and those pesky bots, your digital presence must be carefully crafted in order to see the return you desire.

On TikTok, the algorithm has become increasingly complex and has even created different “types” of feeds. For example, some people stay on FoodTok, while others are on TravelTok, and even more, people have some other type of specifically personalized feed. Working with a firm to make sure that your videos have the best chance to reach the people you’re trying to sell to can be crucial.

One of the biggest reminders we give our clients is that likes aren’t everything. Some businesses may see fifty or fewer reactions per post but have a definite increase in sales. Although insights are beneficial to make sure you are speaking to your target audience, creating a brand image for your business is one of the most important aspects of your digital presence.

With over three billion Facebook users and approximately one billion users on TikTok and Instagram, businesses need to be putting their brand out there. Not only is social media generally free to use, but there are so many users that search for businesses on these platforms to determine if they are credible or not. If a company doesn’t have a digital presence in today’s day and age, many people will assume it’s a pyramid scheme or scam business. You can also run ads through social media to target potential consumers who may not have known about your business otherwise.

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