Social Media provides an incredible marketing opportunity to not only small businesses but to every business. After all, nearly 80% of American internet users are on Facebook.

For starters, Social Media will significantly increase your brand recognition. It can establish your brand across platforms and make your products and mission more identifiable. Social Media is extremely affordable and cost-effective. Since it is so cost-effective, businesses will see an excellent return on their investment, leaving more money for operational expenses.

Social Media is an excellent way to engage with customers.

Each day, more and more people are using Social Media to interact with local companies. Social Media provides your company with the opportunity to communicate directly with your consumers. Through posting specials, answering questions, and sharing about your company, your customers will be more inclined to come to your establishment or use your service.  Moreover, communication and engagement with customers are one of the ways to gain their attention and convey your brand’s message.

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